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KAP Training

We recently completed our Key Automation Product (KAP) Workshop with Festo experts. It was an invaluable experience that has enriched our understanding and knowledge of Festo Automation product line

During the workshop, we had the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with Festo pneumatic solutions, delve into an in-depth overview of Festo essential products, and engage in a hands-on session with pneumatic automation products at the Festo Experience Center. This immersive experience will surely benefit our team and our valued customers.

It is essential that the entire BRAAMD team speaks with one voice when it comes to Festo, that’s why 13 members from our Sales, Service & Engineering, Marketing, and Finance completed this workshop. Their active participation ensures we’re all on the same page, reinforcing our commitment to OneBraamd, OneSuccess with Festo.