Flyability ELIOS drone is for mining application.

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Flyability ELIOS drone is for mining application

In video: Actual mine site inspection.

Make mine inspections, safer, faster and cheaper using the ELIOS 2 and ELIOS 3 drones.

ELIOS drones are proven for aboveground and underground survey, exploration and inspection. Using data gathered by ELIOS drones, mining companies are able to increase production, plan better and make better decisions.

See how this inspection drone can help mining sites, allow us to present the ELIOS drone online or on-site. Please contact to book a meeting.

In photo: Pump Supply and Installation

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In photo: Pump Supply and Installation

Teamwork makes the pump work.

In photos: Successful supply and installation of pump, medium is chilled water.

You can count on our Sales and Application Engineers, after sales. Our SAEs work with our Service Team for installation, services, troubleshooting and other technical concerns.

For your pump and motor requirements, please contact our sales and service teams.

Battery Capacity Testing and Training

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Battery capacity testing

Battery testing training and preparation.

Make sure that your battery system will perform when you need it to. You can do in-house testing or get battery testing service company.

Battery capacity testing, that we do. Let us do proper maintenance and capacity/load testing of your batteries. We can do the periodic maintance on an annual contract.

Please contact our Sales/Electrical Engineer to discuss this service, or to request for a quote.

Braamd Service Team in Bacolod City

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Deployed last week is our Service Team to Bacolod City for servicing and installation.

Deployed last week is our Service Team to Bacolod City for servicing and installation. They will be stationed there for two weeks. And so together with our Sales and Application Engineer, we can do ocular inspection, recommendations, project estimate of your plant’s requirements in Negros Island region.

We serve the hospital & healthcare industry, oil mill, distillery, sugar industry, food and bev, and power generation industry. As we have done numerous times in the past, our HQ-Based (Santa Rosa City) team and Application Engineers based in your area will be able to supervise, implement, and commission projects. For your electro-mechanical and instrumentation requirements, please contact us at and

Mission Preparation For Service & Rental Drone Inspections

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Upon receipt of Job Order, Purchase Order, or Notice To Proceed, our team will do the Mission Preparation For the Service & Rental ELIOS Drone Inspection.

We do mission preparation that includes preliminary meeting and discussion with the end-users, asset owners. We gather information about the asset, the environment, the objective of the inspection. We ask for blueprints, photos, or descriptions of the flight area. We assess the mission and environment and think about conditions such as: temperature, presence of water, wind speed, explosive atmospheres, potential hazards, etc.

We discuss the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and also ask our clients, what other safety requirements they are also implementing. Flyability ELIOS drones are relatively safe to fly close to humans provided that adequate precautions are taken. During the kickoff meeting, we also talk about presence of hazardous materials in the flight area, this might can range from corrosive chemicals, to bio-hazards, etc.

Mission Assessment
Mission Assessment

After the preparatory meeting, we send our clients the Method Statement, Hazards Analysis and Mission Assessment forms. The Method Statement (MS) lists all the different steps that will be performed during the inspection. It will also specify all the required equipment to fulfill the mission.

Once the objectives and risks of the inspection are known, we proceed with the flight planning stage. This can be done online or ideally, onsite on the day of the inspection. During visual inspections, all areas of interest are systematically visited and filmed.

Products for Coal Handling & Storage

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From coal mining, coal preparation, coal transport and coal storage. Braamd Inc. offers products and services to match your requirements. Reliable and proven products that are integral to plant safety, productivity, efficiency and environmental compliance.

  • Coal feeder anti-clogging solution (PT Datong Jaya) – Benefit from this coal-feeder anti-clogging solution. Have a large action area and guarantee the entirety flow of the materials.​​ Adopt the way of “separate-loose-stir-corkscrew spin feeding” which guarantees the elimination of the blockage in 30 seconds.​​ The scraper knife is made of 40Cr and the cross-sectional area is trapezoid. This promotes the lifespan of the knife. Driving system fixed outside the bin and maintenance becomes very convenient. Without negative influence to the original system and will not increase resistance of the coal stream. Installation shall be done with flange to make promote the efficiency of the installation process. Employs automatic operation. There is no need for human intervention. It also has on-site and DCS control modes.
  • Coal stockpile survey and volumetric calculation/estimate – Using Elios & DJI drones and Pix4D, Geoslam Volumes apps.
  • Dust collection system (Festo, Dwyer) – We have integrated our core products, Festo and Dwyer for dust collection requirements. Using the Festo Reverse Jet Pulse Valve, a solenoid actuated pulse valve which generates short pulses of compressed air for mechanically cleaning filters and dust filter systems and Dwyer Dust Collector Time Controller, which is applicable for low voltage applications and is composed of 22 channels, we are offering a solution for dust collection system.
  • Handling system, coal preparation (Festo) – Festo offers handling systems for a huge range of applications in coal transport, storage and preparation. Festo subsystems can be found in coal handling like control cabinets with type 02 valve terminals, cylinders DNG series, Festo controllers and vision system in the switching stations, pneumatic actuators, tubes and fittings and more.
  • Storage dome lighting (Tormin Industrial Lighting) – Available for supply and installation the lighting for storage facility, non-hazardous and explosion proof lighting are the options (coal mine explosion-proof lighting, floodlights, domelights, highbay lights). We can also supply portable lighting and emergency situations. Like, the Tormin emergency lights (Model ZY8810, ZY8101A and ZY8101B) and handheld flashlights (Tormin LED hand-recharge inspection searchlight ZW6220, LED Flashlight ZW7610, ZW7710B, ZW7710C).
  • Conveyor gearboxes (Aokman) – Aokman SMR series shaft mounted gearboxes are widely used in conveyor drive and pulley drive applications. Motor gearbox of different frames sizes and reduction ratio can be supplied.
  • Actuated flap gate (PT Datong Jaya)
  • Level monitoring systems (Dwyer Instruments)
  • Continuous level measurement (BinMaster) – BinMaster 3DLevelscanner can be used in coal bunkers storage, coal blending facility, coal hoppers, coal silos, ESP flyash hoppers, fly ash silos and more. BinMaster’s 3DLevelScanner is self-cleaning and essentially maintenance-free. It accurately measures the coal inventory, flyash even in these extremely dusty and harsh conditions. In addition, it greatly reduces the time, effort, costs and risks associated with sending maintenance personnel into such hazardous environments.
  • Storage/facility/conveyor visual inspection service (Elios, Pix4D)
  • Process instrumentation and control.

We wish to offer these solutions to you, contact us please to discuss the benefits of these products and services.

Elios 2, Elios 3, In-house Staff Training

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Elios Drone Training

Making sure that our new support engineer and other staff are equipped to conduct demo and inspection using Elios 2 (and Elios 3) drones. Today is Introductory training for Elios 2. Next up, is the AIIM Training for our new staff. AIIM is an advanced AERIAL INDOOR INSPECTION METHODOLOGY (AIIM) TRAINING for Elios 2 owners.

AIIM Training duration is around 2 days, theory and flight included and for 2 to 3 participants. It has around 10 pre-defined exercises to make sure that the operator is using the drone properly and therefore successfully. The training methodology is derived from years of field experience of our principal in many industries, assets and conditions.

Elios 2 user? Please contact us to book a drone training.

Pressure Safety Valve – Repair and Calibration

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Presure Safety Valve - Repair and Calibration

Pressure Safety Valve – Repair and Calibration

Safety valves condition is critical in any plant operation. Pressure relief valves are used to safely release excess pressure from piping systems and even vessels/tanks. And these valves require periodic calibration. Uncalibrated valves pose risks for plant safety, disaster, loss of time and money and even life.

Have your PSVs checked to ensure correct operation if and when the valves is asked to protect the system from increasing pressure. Braamd Inc. provides repair and calibration of pressure safety valves, pressure relied valves. Our team offers quick turnaround time on our valve calibration services, from removal, pullout, repair, calibration, testing, delivery (and even re-installation), submission of report and certificate, we can do end-to-end process.

We can also supply in-situ pressure safety valve calibration equipment. If you want to do no shutdown, in-house, inline calibration and testing of your relief valves. A portable testing system allows verification of precise functioning and performance for detecting PSV’s that require servicing without plant shut-off.

If you are searching for pressure relief valve calibration equipment and services here in the Philippines, we can provide. Contact us soon.