FESTO Key Automation Products Training (Video)

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KAP Training

FESTO Key Automation Products Training (Video)

Last day! FESTO Key Automation Products Training! Braamd Inc. represented by Lucky 13 from all our departments! Post to follow next week with more information as to how this KAP training and Festo’s tried and tested product range can help your automation needs.

Happy Independence Day! (2024)

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Happy Independence Day everyone!

Let’s use this holiday to spend some time with our family and friends, cherishing the moments that truly matter.

Let’s spread patience, kindness, unity, joy, laughter, and love. These are the easier choices.

Let’s take a moment too to appreciate the freedom we often take for granted and honor those who fought for our independence.

Enjoy the freedom. Enjoy the break!

2024 Flyability Elios UT Payload Nationwide Roadshow!

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Announcing the 2024 Flyability Elios UT Payload Nationwide Roadshow!

We are thrilled to kick off our 2024 Flyability Elios UT Payload Nationwide Roadshow this June, starting right here in Luzon! Join us and experience the revolutionary Elios 3 UT Payload.

The Elios 3 UT Payload is a comprehensive solution, combining a visual inspection payload, an embedded LiDAR sensor, and a state-of-the-art UT probe into a single device. This all-in-one approach ensures versatility, covering a wide range of inspection requirements with unmatched efficiency.

Stay tuned for more updates and detailed schedule of Luzon Trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to see the Elios 3 UT Payload in action!

Festo I/O CPX-AP-A Automation System

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The Festo’s I/O CPX-AP-A system blends modularity and lightweight design for seamless integration in any space. With IP65/IP67 rating, it’s tough against dust and water, while offering maximum performance and flexibility. In addition, the combination of CPX platform and AP-A technology offers a wide range of possibilities for automation and control in various industries, providing enhanced precision, flexibility, and efficiency.

Ready to elevate your systems with Festo CPX-AP-A? Contact our Festo Team!

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Proud to be the partner of Dwyer in the Philippines since 2015.

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It was encouraging to hear from Jonathan Wong, Regional Sales Manager of SE Asia, that DwyerOmega has big plans for growth. Moving forward, BRAAMD will continue to enable that growth in the country.

We are ecstatic to learn and share the wide range of collective product portfolio under the DwyerOmega brand to our customers. We quote his words, “Let’s get out of our comfort zone and start making dreams happen again.”

Thank you Sir Jonathan for the vote of confidence and as always, a very productive and delightful visit.

BRAAMDrones Technology

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Now is the right time to embrace drone technology.

For improved efficiency, productivity, safety and reliability, utilize drone solutions for inspection, mapping, surveying and more.
Contact us and benefit from our many years in industrial drone business and from our range of indoor, outdoor and undersea drones.
With Braamd’s drones (Braamdrones), expect too, a technological partner who will be there for the long haul, in pre-sales, after-sales, customer support, updates & warranty, and more.

Email: [email protected], [email protected]

On our second day at Wesdom Valves

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On our second day at Wesdom Valves

On our second day at Wesdom Valves

Another round of meeting with the executives and team of WESDOM Group, this time at their headquarters in ZhengZhou, China.

After series of business and strategic discussions, we commit to continuously serve our customers in the Philippines.

We are honored to witness and experience a traditional tea ceremony hosted by Mr. Shao jie Han, General Manager of Wesdom. Miss Lin yan “Annie” Chen – Manager for Sales & Marketing explains the ceremony as Mr. Han elaborately prepares and serves the tea.

Thank you Miss Annie and Mr. Han for your hospitality and warm reception.

Braamdrones Visits DJI Sky City (DJI HQ)

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Braamdrones Visits DJI Sky City (DJI HQ)

In our China trip, we’re lucky to have been able to visit DJI headquarters in Shenzhen China, the DJI Sky City.

A cutting-edge innovation hub, matching the DJI’s philosophy of being a creative community for the skies with groundbreaking architectural design and structure.

The building was designed by the world-renowned and award-winning architectural team of Foster + Partners. The two towers – 44 and 40 stories respectively are a prominent, sustainable new landmark in Shenzhen, China, one of the top ten UNESCO Cities of Design.

Not only we get to see this Shenzhen landmark and technology hub, we also experienced a mini-tour of the DJI HQ inside, and we were able to talk to DJI people as well. It was treat to get to walk in the 90-meter-long suspension skybridge, a lightweight element that creates an elegant connection between the two towers. The skybridge serves as a symbol to show how all departments at DJI are linked to reach a common goal.

The DJI Sky City is truly an inspiration, in terms of how a company can rapidly grow, how one structure can unite the team to innovate & work together, and more.

Autonomous Flying in a Swarm: BionicBee – ultralight flying object with precise control

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Autonomous Flying in a Swarm: BionicBee – ultralight flying object with precise control

Autonomous Flying in a Swarm: BionicBee – ultralight flying object with precise control

Autonomous Flying in a Swarm
BionicBee – ultralight flying object with precise control

For more than 15 years, the Bionic Learning Network has been focusing on the fascination of flying. In addition to the technical decoding of bird flight, the team has researched and technologically implemented numerous other flying objects and their natural principles. With the BionicBee, the Bionic Learning Network has now for the first time developed a flying object that can fly in large numbers and completely autonomously in a swarm. The BionicBee will present its first flight show at the Hannover Messe 2024.

At around 34 grams, a length of 220 millimetres and a wingspan of 240 millimetres, the BionicBee is the smallest flying object created by the Bionic Learning Network to date. For the first time, the developers used the method of generative design: after entering just a few parameters, a software application uses defined design principles to find the optimal structure to use as little material as necessary while maintaining the most stable construction possible. This consistent lightweight construction is essential for good manoeuvrability and flying time.

Autonomous flying in a swarm

The autonomous behavior of the bee swarm is achieved with the help of an indoor locating system with ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. For this purpose, eight UWB anchors are installed in the space on two levels. This enables an accurate time measurement and allows the bees to locate themselves in the space. The UWB anchors send signals to the individual bees, which can independently measure the distances to the respective transmitting elements and calculate their own position in the space using the time stamps.

To fl y in a swarm, the bees follow the paths specified by a central computer. To ensure safe and collision-free flight in close formation, a high degree of spatial and temporal accuracy is required. When planning the path, the possible mutual interaction through air turbulence “downwash” must also be taken into account.

As every bee is handmade and even the smallest manufacturing differences can influence its flight behavior, the bees additionally have an automatic calibration function: After a short test fl ight, each bee determines its individually optimized controller parameters. The intelligent algorithm can thus calculate the hardware differences between the individual bees, allowing the entire swarm to be controlled from outside, as if all bees were identical.

BionicBee 1. The BionicBee is the smallest flying object of the Bionic Learning Network to date. For the first time, the developers used the methodology of generative design.

DEMO of Elios 3 Drone Bridge Inspection

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Demo of Elios 3 Drone for Bridge Inspection

Drones are being used for all kinds of inspections these days.

But among all the scenarios in which drones are helping inspectors do their job, bridge inspections are unique because they straddle the line between indoor and outdoor inspections.

Bridges present many challenges for drone inspections that are similar to those found in indoor scenarios. Bridges can have tight, hard-to-reach places that are hard to navigate with a drone, and the bottom of a bridge can sometimes contain confined spaces in it that are so tight, they may as well be indoors.

Benefits of Bridge Inspection using drones:

1. Savings

2. Safety

3. Full access of the bridge

4. High-quality data capture

5. Efficiency

6. Providing a record

Do you want to learn more about the value drones are providing in bridge inspections? Please contact us for demo or presentation requests.

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]