There’s a lot to love in Elios 3!

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There's a lot to love in Elios 3!

There’s a lot to love in Elios 3!

✓ Collision-tolerant
✓ 3D ready and 3D reporting
✓ Rock-steady stable
✓ Extended flight time
✓ LIDAR equipped
✓ More light, 16,000 lumens
✓ 3D live map
✓ Modular payload
✓ 180 degree unobstructed View

Contact us, we will tell all.

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EverExceed Industrial Battery and Critical Power Solutions

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EverExceed Industrial Battery and Critical Power Solutions

We continue to share the many benefits and the battery solutions that we and EverExceed can provide. EverExceed has R&D Centers in Manchester UK and Shenzhen China and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, Jiangxi, and Henan CHINA. Used in over 100 countries worldwide, EverExceed is a proven brand and technology. We would be happy to present the EverExceed Solution to your plants and operation. Please contact us to book a face to face, or virtual presentation.

FIFISH Underwater Drone Applications For Water Management

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Fifish Underwater Drone Applicarions in Water Management
  • Fifish Underwater Drone Applications in Water Management
  • Construction residue needs to be cleaned up.
  • The steel rod is blocking the butterfly valve.
  • Plastic pipe is blocking the gate closing.
  • Checking pipeline if clean.
  • Expansion joint has badly aged.
  • Unfiltered water from second floor sedimentation tank leaks into the storage tank.
  • Checking of pipeline for structural damage.
  • Silt accumulation was found in the pipeline.

Please contact us to learn the other benefits of FIFISH Underwater Robot. Email us

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Aokman Gear Motor

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Aokman Gear Motor

For different applications, different gearmotors and even custom gear box solutions, the AOKMAN’s high performance, reliable, quality and price-effective gearboxes can answer your needs.

In Photo: Standard Gearbox. Other types include Shaft Mounted Gearbox, Worm Gearbox, Planetary Gearbox, Industrial Gearbox, Cycloidal Gearbox, Customized Gearbox, Electric Motor, and Precision Planetary Gearbox.

Braamd Inc. is the authorized distributor of Aokman Gearbox in the Philippines. Contact us for Aokman replacement gear motors & spare parts, retrofitting & replacement of existing gear box, or a whole new gearbox requirements. Email us at

Everexceed Power Champion 10-100KVA Low Frequency Online UPS

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Everexceed Power Champion 10-100KVA Low Frequency Online UPS

Your critical systems and equipment should have reliable back-up power, to sustain your operation incase of power interruptions. With Braamd’s expertise & resources and Everexceed’s products & technology, we can offer full range of high performance UPS products and after-sales service.

The low frequency online EverExceed PowerChampion UPS series (PW10 PW20 PW30 PW40 PW60 PW80 PW100) comes in 10- 100KVA range (Also available in 120 – 800KVA). The PowerChamption Series is a highly reliable and tested back-up power system for your IT infrastructure, enterprise data centers, telecoms, industrial automation and processes, building management system, medical and healthcare applications, and more.

Contact us learn more about the Everexceed UPS Solutions, on how we can provide your business uninterruptible power supply, with the highest level of UPS performance and efficiency, and proven reduced cost of acquisition and total cost of ownership.


Braamd Inc. carries Enterprise drones, marine drones and aerial inspection drones

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Braamd Inc. carries Enterprise drones, marine drones and aerial inspection drones

Let’s all fly higher this week!

For your Enterprise Drones (DJI), Marine Drones (FIFISH) and Inspection Drones (ELIOS FLYABILITY) requirements, please contact us. Or visit where drones, proof-of-concept, videos, and use-cases are posted.

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(In photo: Supply and formal 2-Day Drone Training of enterprise drone.)

Festo Distributor  Qualification Program (DQP)

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Festo Distributor Qualification Program (DQP)

Festo Distributor Qualification Program (DQP) Done!

Festo, a world’s leading supplier of automation technology and technical education, ensures its partners and distributors are capable of giving Festo value, product and solutions to their customers. Part of the distributorship with Festo is this comprehensive Festo Distributor Qualification Program (DQP), where we do continuous education and learning of Festo automation and solutions.

During the training, Festo’s qualified trainers explain the theoretical concepts, teach how equipment and modules work and they let us do the practical exercises. After the two-day training held in Festo Philippines HQ, clients are assured that only qualified Sales and Service Engineers are engaged and assigned for their Festo electric and pneumatic requirements.

Thank you very much to Festo Philippines’ Mr. Benjie Ducut, Didactic Manager, Mr. Yamin Wanto – Distributor Business Development Manager (Indonesia and Philippines) and Mr. Bobby Candelaria – National Sales Manager Festo Philippines, for the trust and support.

Festo Onsite Pneumatics Mapping (OPM)

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Festo Onsite Pneumatics Mapping OPM

Our Sales and Applications Engineer and Festo Product Driver are conducting comprehensive Onsite Pneumatics Mapping (OPM) to evaluate and improve our customer’s efficient machine line operations. You may contact us at for your pneumatics requirements.

Festo Training and Development

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Festo Training and Development

For Festo, Training and Development is one of their major priorities. As an Authorized Distributor, we continue to improve our competencies in Festo products, technology and service.

Our Sales and Service personnel are gearing up to better serve the pneumatics requirements of our valued customers even better.

Big thanks to our partner, Festo Philippines, for the trust and support.