Mission Preparation For Service & Rental Drone Inspections

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Upon receipt of Job Order, Purchase Order, or Notice To Proceed, our team will do the Mission Preparation For the Service & Rental ELIOS Drone Inspection.

We do mission preparation that includes preliminary meeting and discussion with the end-users, asset owners. We gather information about the asset, the environment, the objective of the inspection. We ask for blueprints, photos, or descriptions of the flight area. We assess the mission and environment and think about conditions such as: temperature, presence of water, wind speed, explosive atmospheres, potential hazards, etc.

We discuss the importance of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and also ask our clients, what other safety requirements they are also implementing. Flyability ELIOS drones are relatively safe to fly close to humans provided that adequate precautions are taken. During the kickoff meeting, we also talk about presence of hazardous materials in the flight area, this might can range from corrosive chemicals, to bio-hazards, etc.

Mission Assessment
Mission Assessment

After the preparatory meeting, we send our clients the Method Statement, Hazards Analysis and Mission Assessment forms. The Method Statement (MS) lists all the different steps that will be performed during the inspection. It will also specify all the required equipment to fulfill the mission.

Once the objectives and risks of the inspection are known, we proceed with the flight planning stage. This can be done online or ideally, onsite on the day of the inspection. During visual inspections, all areas of interest are systematically visited and filmed.