DJI Zenmuse H30

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DJI Zenmuse H30

The all-weather, multi-sensor flagship Zenmuse H30 Series integrates major modules—a wide-angle camera, a zoom camera, a laser range finder, and an NIR auxiliary light. Employing cutting-edge intelligent algorithms, it revolutionizes perception and imaging standards, transcending the limitations of day and night vision. This makes it effortlessly suitable for a variety of operations, including public safety, energy inspection, water conservation, and forestry.

Zoom Camera

  • Up to 34x Optical Zoom and 400x Digital Zoom
  • 40MP 1/1.8-inch CMOS Sensor
  • Video Resolution: Max 3840×2160@30fps

Wide-Angle Camera

  • Equivalent Focal Length: 24mm, DFOV: 82.1°
  • 48MP 1/1.3-inch CMOS Sensor
  • Video Resolution: Max 3840×2160@30fps

Laser Range Finder

  • Measurement Range: 3-3000 m
  • Measurement Accuracy: ≤ 500 m: #(0.2 m+ measurement distancex0.15%)> 500 m: 1.0 m

NIR Auxiliary Light

  • Wavelength: 850 nm
  • FOV: 4.6+0.6° (Round)
  • Safety Rating: Class 1
  • Illumination Range: Approx. 8m diameter circle at 100m distance

Versatile Performance, Day and Night

Up to 34× Optical Zoom and 400× Digital Zoom
The Zenmuse H30 Series features a high-resolution 40MP zoom camera, supporting up to 34× optical zoom and an incredible 400× digital zoom. Compared to the previous generation, [2] it not only observes subjects at greater distances but also captures more details.

More Stable Imagery from the Zoom Camera
With DJI’s latest image stabilization algorithm, the Zenmuse H30 Series can effectively diminish shake in telephoto footage, delivering stable and clear imagery for detailed power line inspections.

Max 3000m Laser Range Finder
The laser range finder boasts a measurement range up to 2.5 times greater than the previous generation, [3] accurately capturing the position information of subjects within a range from 3 m to 3000 m, [4] including linear distance from the camera, altitude, and GPS coordinates.

Enhanced Night Vision

Supports Full-Color Night Vision
Both the zoom and wide-angle cameras of the Zenmuse H30 Series can switch to Night Scene mode in low-light conditions, enhancing live view and recording quality. This ensures operational efficiency and accuracy at night, enabling continuous operation from day to night.

Supports Black and White Night Vision and NIR Illumination
In Night Scene mode, the Zenmuse H30 Series zoom camera supports IR Light for infrared enhancement and NIR illumination. [5] It switches the live feed to a grayscale image by removing the IR filter, thereby strengthening the contrast between light and dark areas, making it easier to locate subjects. When the NIR auxiliary light is enabled, the zoom camera can benefit from additional NIR illumination, which is especially helpful for covert night surveillance and search-and-rescue operations.

Superior Environmental Adaptability

IP54 Ingress Protection
With an IP54 dust and water resistance rating, [12] the Zenmuse H30 Series can operate safely and reliably even in harsh working conditions.

-20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F) Operating Temperature
The Zenmuse H30 Series is built to work in temperatures ranging from -20° to 50° C (-4° to 122° F), meeting all-weather operational needs.


* Before using a Zenmuse H30-Series payload for the first time, activate it using the DJI Pilot 2 app.

** All data on this page was measured using a production model Zenmuse H30-Series payload in a controlled environment. Actual experience may vary depending on the environment, usage, and firmware version.

*** All videos and images on this page were shot using the Zenmuse H30 Series by professionals in strict compliance with local laws and regulations and have undergone varying degrees of editing in post-production. All videos and images are for reference only. Actual results may vary. Always observe local laws and regulations and ensure the aircraft has obtained relevant certifications and airspace authorizations before flying.

**** All images, videos, and screen display content regarding the product itself on this page are for reference only. Actual product effects (including but not limited to appearance, color, and size) and screen display contents (including but not limited to backgrounds, UI, and illustrations) may vary.

2. Comparing the max zoom ratios of the Zenmuse H30 Series and the H20 Series. Data measured in a DJI laboratory.

3. Comparing the longest measurement distance of the laser range finders of the Zenmuse H30 Series and the H20 Series. Data measured in a DJI laboratory.

4. Data measured in a DJI laboratory. The measurement range may vary based on the material and shape of the tested object as well as the impact of gimbal angle, environmental light, and weather conditions such as rain or fog. If a laser pulse hits multiple targets, its energy is dispersed, which may reduce the measurable distance.

5. IR Light and NIR Illumination are supported only when using the zoom camera. NIR Illumination will only activate after takeoff. If the NIR auxiliary light is enabled first, IR Light will also start simultaneously.

12. Under controlled laboratory conditions, it can achieve an IP54 protection rating by IEC60529 standards. The IP rating is not permanently effective and may decrease due to product wear and tear.