DJI Mavic 3 Thermal

  • 640 × 512 px Thermal Camera
  • 45-min Max Flight Time
  • 56× Hybrid Zoom
  • DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission
  • Centimeter-level Positioning with RTK
  • High-Volume Loudspeaker
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Your Everyday Commercial Drone

The Mavic 3 Enterprise Series redefines industry standards for small commercial drones. With a mechanical shutter, a 56× zoom camera, and an RTK module for centimeter-level precision, the Mavic 3E brings mapping and mission efficiency to new heights. This is the thermal version, for firefighting, search and rescue, inspection, and night operations.


  • 640 × 512 px Thermal Camera [2]
  • 45-min Max Flight Time [3]
  • 56× Hybrid Zoom
  • DJI O3 Enterprise Transmission
  • Centimeter-level Positioning with RTK [4]
  • High-Volume Loudspeaker [4]
DJI Mavic Enterprise Series: Compact and Portable
DJI Mavic Enterprise Series: Compact and Portable

Compact and Portable

Streamlined and compact, Mavic 3 Enterprise Series can be carried in one hand and deployed at a moment’s notice. Perfect for beginner and veteran pilots alike, it’s built to perform on lengthy missions.

Countless Applications

  • Wide Equivalent Focal Length: 24mm, 48MP
  • Zoom Equivalent Focal Length: 162mm, 12MP, 56× Hybrid Zoom
  • Thermal [2] DFOV: 61°, Equivalent Focal Length: 40mm, Resolution 640 × 512

Premium Camera Performance

  • Survey with Speed.
  • Improved Low-Light Performance.
  • Focus and Find. Mavic 3T is equipped with a 12MP Zoom Camera, supporting up to 56× Max Hybrid Zoom to see essential details from afar.
  • See the Unseen. Mavic 3T’s thermal camera has 640 × 512 resolution and supports point and area temperature measurement, high temperature alerts, color palettes, and isotherms to help you find your targets and make quick decisions. [2]
  • Simultaneous Split-Screen Zoom. Mavic 3T’s thermal and zoom cameras support 28× continuous side-by-side zoom for easy comparisons. [2]
DJI Mavic Enterprise Series: Exceptional Operational Efficiency
DJI Mavic Enterprise Series: Exceptional Operational Efficiency

Exceptional Operational Efficiency

  • Batteries Optimized For Endurance. 45-min flight durations let you cover more ground each mission, for surveying of up to 2 square kilometers in a single flight. [3][5] Fast charge batteries with 100W charging hub, or directly charge the drone with 88W fast charging.
  • Next-Generation Image Transmission. Quad-antenna O3 Enterprise Transmission enables more stable connections in a wide variety of complex environments.
  • Omnidirectional Sensing for Safe Flying. Equipped with wide-angle lenses on all sides for omnidirectional obstacle avoidance with zero blind spots. Adjust proximity alarms and braking distance depending on mission requirements. [6] Advanced RTH automatically plans the optimal route home, saving power, time, and hassle. APAS 5.0 enables automatic rerouting around obstacles, so you can fly with peace of mind. [7]

Flight Route

  • Real-Time Terrain Follow. Automatically adjust altitude when mapping areas with variations in elevation, all without needing to import external elevation data thanks to Mavic 3E’s omnidirectional sensing. [8]
  • Smart Oblique Capture. Elevate the efficiency of your oblique photography mission with Smart Oblique Capture. During flight, the gimbal automatically rotates in three directions: front, middle, and back. Two routes can collect all photos at the angles needed for high-precision 3D modeling.
  • Live Mission Recording. Record mission actions such as aircraft movement, gimbal orientation, photo shooting, and zoom level to create sample mission files for future automated flights.
  • Corridor Mission Planning. Create automated flight missions of highways, rivers, oil pipelines, and more with Corridor Mission Planning. Simply draw a line on the map and it divides the area into mappable segments for straightforward surveying.
DJI Mavic Enterprise Series: User Data Security
DJI Mavic Enterprise Series: User Data Security

User Data Security

  • Local Data Mode
  • One-Tap Clear All Device Data
  • AES-256 Video Transmission Encryption
  • Cloud API

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1. Available for Mavic 3E only.
2. DO NOT expose the thermal camera lenses to strong sources of energy such as the sun, lava, or a laser beam. Otherwise, the camera sensor may be burned leading to permanent damage.
3. Measured at 32.4 kph uniform speed at sea level in a windless environment. For reference only. Please pay attention to the DJI Pilot 2 App for return flight tips when actually flying.
4. Accessories sold separately.
5. At a GSD of 5 cm, with an 80% front overlap rate, a 60% side overlap rate, and a flight speed of 15 m/s.
6. Please do not fly in bad weather such as high wind (wind speeds 12m/s and above), snow, rain, lightning, fog, etc. Do not fly at altitudes above 6000 meters. Do not fly in an environment below -10° C (14° F) or above 40° C (104° F). Do not take off on moving surfaces (e.g., moving cars, boats). Do not fly in specular reflective areas such as water or snow to ensure proper operation of the visual positioning system, and fly in a well-lit environment when GNSS signals are weak. Low ambient light may cause the vision system to not work properly. Please pay attention to flight safety when flying near electromagnetic interference sources. Common sources of electromagnetic interference include high-voltage power lines, high-voltage transmission stations, radar stations, cell phone base stations, broadcast towers, Wi-Fi hotspots, routers, Bluetooth devices, etc.
7. Supported in manual flight mode only. Caution is recommended when flying in hazardous environments.
8. Currently only available when purchasing DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Series.